Take advantage of the Android Enterprise Academy where you can take Android courses for free and get certified

Google has an Android Academy where they offer free courses and certifications about Android Enterprise. This is a great resource for Sales, App Engineers, and Technical Support alike to dive more into Android and learn how it works, how to sell it, and the various Android programs that exist out there (e.g. Android Enterprise Recommend).

To get to the Android Academy:

Once you're logged in, then you'll view the first course available (and only that) which is called "Start Here: Welcome to the Academy!". 




You have to first finish that course before you can view the other courses available. It may take several minutes for the courses to appear so don't worry if they don't show up right away.

The courses are self-paced so you can start and finish them on your own time. There will be an "Android Enterprise Associate" track that you can finish. Besides, you will also find a more advanced track which is called "Android Enterprise Professional".

Google will make available to Datalogic an admin console where it can have visibility and track which employees finished the courses. Please make sure to go to "My Profile" in the training website and and add your Datalogic email address as your company email.