How to apply Datalogic DXU configuration to multiple devices, when WiFi network is unavailable and MDMs are not an option.

Configuring and updating many device on field is a common need.
When it comes to a few devices, a PC, a USB cable, and Datalogic DXU program may be sufficient to reconfigure all the devices.
In case of a greater number of devices, perhaps even located in different locations, if they are connected via a WIFI network, the most suitable management tools are MDMs.

But situations are not always so simple. Not all MDMs allow the execution of the required commands for deeply change the devices configurations... sometimes the customer does not own use any MDM... some other times, the devices a deployed to work without any Wi-Fi network connection at all.

For all of those situations, to simplify the IT operators life, you can download "DLApply" utlity.

download: DLApply v.0.0.3.apk 

Once installed on the devices, it is enough to create a configuration file named "config.dxu" using Datalogic DXU, copy it into the device, then by launching "DLApply" the new configuration will be automatically applied to the device. 



1) Download "DLApply" application 

2) Install "DLApply" application on all devices.
The application can be installed:
- automatically by using an MDM
- automatically by creating a suitable configuration of Datalogic Scan2Deploy Studio (link).
- manually by side loading the .apk file on the device and clicking on it.
- using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) commands

3) Create a new configuration template:
- Open Datalogic DXU (link).
- Connect a device that will be used as a template for the configuration.
- Read the configuration from the of the device just connected
- Modify the configuration as desired.
- Use the "Save As" button to save the modified configuration with the exact name "config.dxu".

4) Copy the "config.dxu" file on all the devices to be reconfigured, using the preferred mode (e.g. via USB connection, automatically via MDM, using ADB...).
The file must be copied in the main device folder (e.g. "Internal shared storage" folder, if connected to a MS Windows PC) 

5) Launch DLApply from the home of the device.
DL Apply will automatically load "config.dxu" file found into the main storage folder and apply the new configuration to the device. 
The configuration process will be followed by a short confirmation message (toast message).

By using proper ADB commands and system intents, is now easy to partially automate the process in this way:

adb shell am start


DLApply can be with those MDMs that does not allow other integration with Datalogic DXU tool, but can stat tstart generic applications.

shell command:   am start 
package :
class:        (/.MainActivity)

DLApply has been tested on  Memor 10, Memor 20, DL-Axist, Falcon X4, Skorpio X4, Joya Touch A6, Memor 1 devices.



Simone Callegari
Mobile Computer Specialist Support L3 Engineer | Datalogic