Find out how Datalogic came up with a unique method for enrolling Android Enterprise devices!

With the onset of Android in Enterprise, mobile device management (MDM) stands very relevant. Companies always look for easy, low touch methods to on-board their devices in bulk.

The current top 3 MDM enrollment methods in Android Enterprise (AE) are: QR Code enrollment, Zero-Touch, and NFC Bump.

Datalogic’s latest Android device, Memor 10, fully supports all 3. It is also one of the few devices that were part of the rugged AER program launch.

In order to optimize the user experience, Datalogic has found a way to enhance the existing QR Code method. So it has come up with its own new variant of that method.

Datalogic saw the current QR Code pain-points. Customer has to:

-        Tap 6 times on the Welcome screen (to trigger the QR Code provisioning process)

-        Manually enter the wifi information, and then

-        Wait for the download of camera-based QR Code reader software

The new enhanced method eliminates those pain-points to streamline the process.

As a result, you can scan an EMM QR Code from the Welcome screen! All you have to do after that is accept the prompt informing you that your device will be managed, and then off it goes.

The QR Code scanned contains information about wifi, as well as EMM download and sign on information.

This significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to configure and deploy devices.

The enhanced enrollment will work with Datalogic’s Memor 1, Memor 10, and all future Datalogic Android devices.

Check out this video: Datalogic's Android Enterprise Enhanced QR Code Enrollment

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