Major factors that contribute to the degradation processes of Lithium-Ion/Lithium-Polymer Batteries and recommendations on how to use Datalogic tools to mitigate these effects on mobile devices.


Lithium-Ion/Lithium-Polymer batteries are largely used in many fields and applications, playing a key role on rugged mobile devices PDA, where weight is important, and products are slim and compact. 

With prolonged intense use, the storage capacity of any Lithium-Ion/Lithium-Polymer battery progressively diminishes and the internal resistance increases.
This process is due to a wide range of degradation mechanisms, some occurring simultaneously, some causing others to occur. 

The intent of this paper is to provide advice on the main factors that contribute to these processes and give recommendations on how to properly use Datalogic tools designed to mitigate these effects on mobile devices.

Main Causes of degradation/aging of batteries

  • Temperature

In general, extreme temperature is one of the most significant stressful factors.
A few examples of this are: devices regularly kept in a vehicle, sitting in direct sunlight during the summer, devices or battery packs stored or charged inside unventilated areas in hot weather, or battery packs stored in refrigerated environments.

Datalogic recommends storing or using the device and the battery by paying attention not to overheat them, and always use them within the operating temperature range indicated by user manuals.

  • State of charge (SoC) during battery storage

Storing batteries within or outside of devices at the extreme ends of the state of charge can also impact lifetime of the battery.
The best solution for storing batteries for long periods, is to store them half charged, avoiding storing them in a state of full charge or very low charge.

Datalogic recommends charging the battery pack every two to three months to keep its charge at a moderate level to maximize battery life.

 Charging Profile

During device life, the charging profile can greatly affect the total battery lifetime. Always charging a battery to 100% of its maximum capacity will cause battery chemicals to degrade rapidly.
Maximum capacity and maximum charging speed allow the battery to reach a fully charged state in a shorter time, but greatly affect the battery life itself, also considering the usage environment and battery temperature.

Datalogic has introduced the Battery Manager app to provide different charging profiles that users can select according to their needs.
Using the Datalogic Battery Manager, it is possible to define which preferences to favor among the following:

    • Maximum Capacity
    • Battery Lifetime
    • Charging Speed

It is possible to favor up to two preferences at the same time to configure up to 6 different charging profiles.


To prolong battery life, and depending on the use case, it should be set "Maximum Capacity" only when strictly necessary. In most of the use cases battery duration is enough if the setting is “Battery Lifetime”.

For more information on "How to: configure “Battery Charging profile” to “Battery Lifetime” in different use cases and configurations (using Datalogic Tools, MDM, EMMs, custom application, etc.) refer to the posts linked in the appendix here below.


Additional precautions for use

  • Datalogic recommends annual replacement of rechargeable battery pack to avoid possible risks or abnormalities and ensure maximum performance. 

  • Use only Datalogic approved batteries and accessories for battery charging.
    Using accessories from companies other than Datalogic to charge devices can cause battery to overcharge and start battery degradation sooner.

  • If a Datalogic Mobile device is used with a vehicle dock, it is recommended to disconnect the dock when the vehicle is not powered.
    According to use case, replace the battery periodically to ensure maximum performance avoiding any risk.

Any changes made to the operative environment or device settings using Datalogic tools will not restore the degradation of the battery already accumulated. If the battery has already been damaged, the changes made will have limited impact.


  • Immediately discontinue use of the battery pack if, while using, charging, or storing the battery pack, the battery pack emits an unusual smell, feels hot, changes color or shape, or appears abnormal in any other way.
  • Do not use the battery pack if it is damaged in any part.

Please refer to the device user manual for further information about battery and safety guidelines.



 How to: configure “Battery Charging profile” to “Battery Lifetime” on a Datalogic Device:

For all the contexts in which it is not possible to apply any of the previous solutions, you can get in contact with the Datalogic’s Technical Support to evaluate other custom solutions, by filling the Datalogic Technical Support form .