Datalogic supports OEMConfig

In enterprise mobility management, Datalogic continues its embrace of Android Enterprise by supporting OEMConfig.

OEMConfig is a new Android standard that enabled OEMs to create custom device features and controls that can be immediately and consistenly offerd by Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers. The idea behind it is that an OEM provides an [OEMConfig] app to configure all of the customized OEM-specific features on the device, instead of having MDMs build support for each OEM-specific feature in their products. This greatly reduces the effort by MDMs to create special features for each OEM by integrating their SDK.

This makes life easier for MDM vendors and customers, as they can use Datalogic's new features and APIs as soon as they come out. MDMs will need to support OEMConfig by adapting their interfaces to support the OEMConfig layout. 

Datalogic OEMConfig app is coming in Q2 2019. Check back for updates.

Visit for more information about OEMConfig in general. AppConfig Community is driven by a group of leading OEMs, EMMs, and ISVs with a common goal: to simplify enterprise app development and deployment based on common standards provided by operating system vendors.