Step by step guide on how to Manage SureLock or SureFox configuration using Scan2Deploy and SureMDM

As SureLock and SureFox comes preinstalled for Datalogic devices, it may be challenging to configure the settings each device manually. Admins can now manage SureLock and SureFox configurations for Datalogic devices remotely using SureMDM console with the help of managed configuration file created by Scan2Deploy Studio.

Follow the steps below in sequential order to configure and manage the SureLock or SureFox configurations for Datalogic devices.

Configure and generate QR Code in Scan2Deploy Studio:

  1. Download the latest version of Scan2Deploy Studio from this link and launch it.
  2. Click on Create option.
  3. Configure the following Device details from Select deployment actions to embed in barcode Page.
  • Select the apt device model from Select Model dropdown.
  • Select SKU from Select SKU dropdown.
  • Select the OS version from Select OS Version dropdown.


4. Configure the following Deployment Actions from Select deployment actions to embed in barcode Page.

a) Select the Applications for Managed Configuration, Installing custom applications and Updating Datalogic Apps such as Enterprise Agent, SoftSpot, SureFox, SureLock with the latest versions.

5. Navigate to the Manage tab under Applications Page.

7. Click on the Configure app Settings icon for SureLock or SureFox Application.

8. Configure SureLock or SureFox Settings and click on Done button.

9.  Navigate to the Update tab under Applications Page and select the required applications to install or upgrade with the latest version.

10. Navigate to the Save and Print page.

11. Enter Profile Name and Select Profile Host Location as Device storage and click on export.

12. Now, the Scan2Deploy.tar file will get saved in your PC.

13. Select the QR Code from the profile and then click on Copy data.

14. Click on Copy encrypted data from the dialog box and save the encrypted data in a notepad to add it in the Runscript job later.

Create Composite job in SureMDM Console:

  1. Login to SureMDM Console.
  2. Navigate to Jobs, go to New Job and select Android.
  3. Click on File Transfer Job and upload the Scan2Deploy .tar file. Enter the Job Name and then save the job.
  4. Click on Run Script Job and add below script. Enter the Job Name and then save the job.
am start -S -n com.datalogic.scan2deploy/.MainActivity -e data <Encrypted data>

5. Copy encrypted data from QR code and then paste in the script. For eg:

am start -S -n com.datalogic.scan2deploy/.MainActivity -e data <QpY1K/JEhuj/Ya7twUG>

6. Now, navigate to jobs and create a Composite job with File Transfer job first followed by adding a delay of 15 secs and add the Run Script job.

To know more on how to create composite jobs, refer the steps mentioned here.

Apply the SureLock or SureFox managed configuration to the enrolled device:

  1. Login to the SureMDM Console.
  2. Select the enrolled device and click on Apply.
  3. Select the Composite job created earlier and apply it to the device.

Now, the Scan2Deploy.tar file will be transferred to device storage(root folder) and SureLock or Surefox configuration will get applied while applying Run Script.

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